Home.my, Integrated platforms for all businesses

HOME.MY, formerly Findit is Malaysia’s first and only integrated platform for search across local businesses, deals, classifieds and soon to be launched marketplace. The location-based app seeks to redefine the way Malaysian consumers search for information about local businesses and how consumers connect with these businesses.

With the aim of effectively bringing together consumers and businesses in an integrated, easy-to-use mobile platform, Homemy gives people access to information in order to locate even the most obscure products or services within their vicinity. With the added convenience of maps and directional tools, consumers can also easily locate these places even if they are not familiar with the area.

The app also offers a function that helps businesses to promote the best deals and discount offers to draw existing and potential customers. Through the ratings and reviews function on the app, consumers can also have their say about any searchable product or service, as well as instantly evaluate information shared by other consumers to help with the decision making process.

“Homemy’s mission is to provide Malaysian consumers with a better way to search for information, and give them greater access to products and services that they need and want. While consumers benefit from the availability of hyper-local information 24/7, Homemy’s unique platform also helps Malaysian entrepreneurs and companies grow their businesses by connecting them to consumers who are looking for the products and services they offer,” commented Manav Sethi, Head of Marketing and Products, Asiamind Network Sdn Bhd.

Grow your local business with effective tools from FINDIT

Findit serves as an important tool for  small and medium enterprises (SMEs)  to become more discoverable and grow their businesses. The app provides greater visibility for SMEs to a much wider market, capitalising on the popular mobile platform to connect SMEs with potential customers. Findit currently lists information on 225,000 businesses in over 800+ categories on its mobile smartphone app.

Findit is a representation of how we can simplify lives and create new ways of working for enterprises. In an  increasingly mobile-driven business environment, Findit enables them to reach out to a wider market and establish a larger presence by simply listing themselves on the directory for free. With the option to enhance their profiles through richer content such as pictures, GPS coordinates and more, Findit is an excellent platform for business and enterprise to promote their services and leverage on the app’s unique features.

Marketplace Portal

HomeMY marketplace is an online Internet auction and trading portal that offers variety of items and products for sale including antique, software, handphone, electronic gadgets, houses, cars, computers and even sports equipment. Basically, you can get everything under one roof, so look no further as our Marketplace is your answer to get desired items at affordable rates.

Our portal is rather clean and organized with latest featured items published in the middle while top of the page features navigational links. Users can easily check out items for sale by selecting one of the categories listed under the column.

As one of the most visited portal in the country, perhaps the best approach to draw more visitors while retaining current surfers is to ensure our homepage looks stylish and elegant. Therefore, audience will understand that our website is trying to present itself as a reliable and trustworthy portal. To make it a top website to visit, functionality and good design are the major reasons we draw traffic to the portal.

The task of searching for services, restaurants, banks and almost anything under the sun is now a breeze with the official launch of Home.My.

Company Background

Asiamind Network Sdn Bhd, the company behind location-based social platform app Findit, believes it has what it takes to become the Malaysian online marketplace leader within the next 12 months.

“This means the leadership position in marketplaces for merchants that includes postings, classifieds and deals,” Findit Services marketing and product head Zenith told Digital News Asia (DNA) recently.

Zenith has reason to be optimistic. Prior to the official launch of the Findit Malaysia mobile app recently, Findit Malaysia, which was established since 2012, had already recorded 130,000 downloads and had 280,000 businesses in over 800 categories listed on its platform.

“So far, our traction has mainly been driven by word-of-mouth,” he claimed.

Over the next 12 months, the company is targeting to grow app downloads to 2 million. “If all goes well, we can even achieve that within three quarters,” said Zenith.

Understanding Findit

Findit is a location-based app with an integrated platform for searches across local businesses, deals, social news and current affairs and classifieds.

It allows consumers to be more aware of the products and services offered within their area, so that they don’t have to travel far for those particular services. It also integrates deals and classifieds features so that they can get a holistic view of what’s on the table.

For example, if a user searches for ‘Home Furnishing,’ he or she will get a list of such companies that are close to the user, deals (discounts, promotions) related to home furnishing, and last but not least, listings on second-hand furniture for sale on the classifieds section.

Findit is also working with Groupon, so if a user searches for ‘Spa in Kuala Lumpur’ on its platform, he or she can get a list of promotions and discounts that are related to the subject, on top of the business listing and classified ads.

All this may make Findit an indirect competitor to search engine operators like Google.

“Google is a horizontal search engine. It monetises services like Google Ads. For a merchant to get into the bidding process, to know the keyword density, keyword acquisition – that’s not the merchant’s job. His job is to focus on his business.

“Those pains – we will take it off the merchants,” he said. “But then again, at the end of the day, the pie is big enough for everyone to have a role in it.”

Findit charges merchants a fee if they want their listings prominently displayed. But this fee does not go entirely into Findit’s pocket. A substantial portion is used to get these merchants ‘discovered.’

A search for ‘Home Furnishing in Sri Petaling’ on Google will see top result by Findit.

Today, more and more people are spending most of their time on their phones and tablets.

“Beyond search engine operators, beyond managing the hassle of advertising on these search engines, what options do small and medium enterprises have? That is the market we want to acquire,”.

Full suite of services

For now, the Findit platform allows users to search product and business listings, deals, and classifieds. But that is all going to change.

“In 90 days, we hope to include a marketplace feature,” said Zenith. “Currently, transactions and payments are done offline … but we want to bring them online.”

This would help Findit differentiate itself against its indirect competitors, and to also attract more merchants on board.

But Zenith understands the challenges ahead. “Developing the platform is easy. Creating the experience is easy. The challenge is to create the merchant relationship.

“How do you communicate the value to the merchant? How do you ensure that the moment a customer buys something off the merchant’s shelves, it gets delivered to the customer’s doorstep?”

There is also room for improvement even in its current services (business listings, classifieds and deals), Zenith acknowledged, adding that Findit will continue to also improve the user experience.

Once the platform is widely used, not only would it be able to inform the user what the nearest Japanese restaurants are, as well as give deals related to Japanese restaurants, it would also be able to tell users “which Japanese restaurants their friends like,” he said.