BU 2 Bandar Utama Petaling Jaya Room For Rent:

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BU 2 Bandar Utama Petaling Jaya Room For Rent:


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BU 2 Bandar Utama Petaling Jaya Room For Rent:

- Can Live In One People
- Can Live In Two People
- Can Live In Three People
- Can Live In Four People
- If Is One To Four People Live. (Welcome To WhatsApp Message And Call Me) Thankyou.

- Newly Renovated Clean House
- New Bed/ Bed
- Wardrobe
- Rent Includes Electricity & Water Bill
- New Air Cond
- New Fan
- Bathroom/ Private Private Bathroom
- Oven Cooker
- Fully Furnished
- Refrigerator
- Washing Machine
- New Shower Water Heater
- Water Dispenser
- Drying Clothes Rack
- Cupboard/ Cabinet
- Parking Lots Available
- Strict Security
- 24 Hours/ 7 Days Security Patrol
- Free Parking
- Safety
- Can Live In Short Or Long Term

Near The:
- Near The One Utama Shopping Mall
- Near The TV3
- Near The LRT/ MRT Station
- Near The Bus Station and Taxi Station
- Near The First City University College (fcuc college petaling jaya)
- Near The Cinema/ Movie Theater
- Near The Park
- Near The KBU College School
- Near The 7 Eleven (24 Hours)
- Near The KK Super Mart
- Near The 99 Speed Mart
- Near The Badminton Court
- Near The Centre Point (Bandar Utama)
- Near The Hegemony Of The Market
- Near The A Number Of Shops
- Near The Restaurant
- Near The Dobi/ Self Service Laundry (Clean Pro Express To Open 24 Hours)
- Near The Shopping Mall
- Near The Police Station
- Very Convenient

Welcome To WhatsApp/ Call:
MR YAP: 012- 6971932
[ If You Are Interested To View The Room Or House. Please Call For Appointment One Day In Advance. Please Do Not Last Minute Appointment...
If Last Minute Call. Time Will Arrange By Me. You Pick The Time That Suit You. Thank You. ]