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Hr Recruitment Solutions, Job and Career

HR Solutions adopts the eagle as our emblem since it is regarded as one of nature’s finest hunters

Sharp-eyed and focused in its search for its prey and astute in sizing its target Discreet – operates from a distance yet highly effective.

Accurate and purposeful in its selection.

Our Aim

HR Solutions aims to serve clients towards whom we can dedicate our efforts and discipline in order to establish a long term strategic business partnership in recruitment.

To do this, we only select a certain self-restricted number of clients from any one particular industry.

Our Methodology

HR Solutions’ methodology has proven effective in managing a wide portfolio of jobs from diverse industries.

In fact HR Solutions has imposed a self-restriction on serving only a specific number of clients in each industry in order to avoid any problem of ‘cannibalising’ and the risk of ‘re-cycling’ from the same pool of candidates.

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Our valued Clients are welcomed to nominate a staff to register as a member. For candidates and students, just submit your updated resume to register as a member. In order to expedite the activation of your registration, please ensure that all your details are up-to-date and verifiable.

Job seekers sign up as a member for free by submitting your updated resume. Only resumes that can be verified as updated would be considered

The Recruitment Industry in Malaysia

This is an overview of the recruitment industry in Malaysia and it serves to inform you of the types of recruiters, the services offered, the differences in approach and their respective fees and how they would meet your needs.

Types of Players and Services Offered

There are 3 main groups of players in Malaysian recruitment industry, namely;

  • The Executive Search
  • The Advertised Recruiters
  • The Online Recruiters
  • The General Employment Agencies

The Executive Search

The true blue Executive Search firms principally identify their candidates through their own systems of networking and sourcing. They normally do not resort to press advertisements. Here positions that are assigned are mainly senior level management and chief executives. Executive search as the name implies, is proactive in approach – i.e. they initiate the process to identify and locate suitable candidates discreetly.

The Advertised Recruiters

These are usually the ‘Big Four’ auditing firms and others who largely act on behalf of their existing auditing clients as part of their supplementary services to their core business of auditing. Here they offer to arrange the advertising copies and the insertions on behalf of the clients. Over time, a large database of resumes is accumulated. Positions advertised are mainly middle level management and above. Advertised recruitment by its nature, tends to be reactive – i.e. waiting for candidates to respond to the advertisement. In their heyday, their impressive advertisements could be seen almost on a weekly basis. Nowadays there seem to be hardly any advertisements from any of the ‘Big Four’ Either they have given up on advertised recruitment on behalf of their clients or they have changed their mode of operations.

The Online Recruiters

Currently, the online mode is one of the most popular avenues for both employers and job seekers. Being borderless, it naturally attracts graduating students all over the world to search for their first jobs online before leaving their colleges for home. However, key and senior management positions tend to shy away from such ‘mass’ online recruitment approach and found it more professional, effective and personable to use the Executive Search firms.

The General Employment Agencies

This is where their core activity is to solicit job-seeking candidates to register with them. Often than not they would send candidates for interviews by the clients based upon the client’s phone-in or fax-in requirements. Similarly as with the Advertised Recruiters, over time they build up a huge data base of resumes. These agencies mainly cater to the non-managerial positions including temporary staff and some, household maids too.