With the global COVID-19 pandemic causing governments to declare health emergencies and lockdowns, people from across the world have been forced to stay at home and indoors. This has created a new way of life where consumers are buying groceries and other daily needs online.

Is everything safe to buy online?

While products and daily items like shampoo and hand sanitizers can be purchased online, what about the perishables like vegetables and meat? At times before the lockdown, one of the main issues when buying vegetables is on freshness. Buying online means you might have to forego that issue altogether. But should that be the case? We examine several factors that must consider.

Getting them as good as you can

One thing for sure, you will not be enjoying extremely fresh vegetables like how you use to.

  • Freshness: If you have been shopping at wet markets where vegetables are supplied directly from the farmers, online supplies might not give you that privilege anymore. Hence, you are looking at vegetables that are 1 to 2 days later than usual.
  • Organic: For consistency of quality and nutrition, going organic could be a good move. If you have not been buying organic, then perhaps this is a good time to do so. When you buy organic vegetables, scheduling becomes more efficient. In fact, you can even order earlier which means the supplier can plan for the freshest vegetables for you ahead of delivery.
  • Supplier: Go for trusted sources. When you buy your vegetables online, look for suppliers who are established. Hypermarkets like Tesco and Aeon would be your best options at least for the time being. Meanwhile, there are renowned organic vegetable producers as well.
  • Nutrients and minerals: It would be challenging to find vegetables that still preserve a high amount of nutrients and minerals. The best way is to order those that are known to be extremely high like spinach and the very popular Kale.
  • Price: Pricing for vegetables is mostly controlled by the government. Hence, it should not be more expensive than normal. But expect to pay for delivery.