The SPA (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia) or Public Services Commission of Malaysia was established on the 31st of August 1957, the day Malaysia received its independence. Prior to this, the British administration was responsible for managing the public services of the Federated Malay States. When Malaya achieved its independence, under the Article 144(1) of the Federal Constitution, the Public Service Commission was setup.

The main roles of the PSC(SPA), as stipulated under the Constitution include the appointment of personnel in the Public Services of the country. This is by far the most important role as PSC(SPA) ensures that the government and its related ministries and organizations are filled with the capable personnel throughout the country. This includes appointment of personnel who are of temporary, contractual, transfer and permanent statuses respectively.

From there, the role of the PSC(SPA) would be to monitor and confirm the services of those who are employed. This includes extending the trial (probationary) period where necessary which include termination as well.

Where this is concerned, the PSC(SPA) would be the authoritative body which can confer pension status to those who have served and confirmed into the public services of Malaysia. Where necessary, PSC(SPA) has the power to transfer any permanent personnel in the services form one scheme to another where it deem fit.

This type of transfer encompasses appointment of permanent personnel to a temporary or vice-versa as well. Promotions and advancement of career is under the purview of the PSC(SPA) as well. It holds the power to take any disciplinary action if any personnel had violated or breached the terms of employment. It holds the Disciplinary Authority which can dismiss, demote or take any action against personnel in the Highest Management Group and the Professional Management Group.

It must be noted that through the PSC(SPA), the Malaysian government has a centralized body and agency which deals with the employment of and manpower for its ministries and organizations. This allows Malaysians from all walks of life to apply for jobs with the Malaysian government. It operates the website that provides all the information one would need about jobs with these firms.

Through, Malaysians can find out about what jobs are available and how they can apply for them. There are procedures involved in which the applicant must follow. These resources and advices are provided for through that includes interview tips, schedules and what to do during the sessions.

Jawatan sebagai kerani

Pekerja kolar putih lazimnya merujuk kepada pekerja yang bertugas dalam lingkungan pejabat dan tidak melibatkan kerja manual. Justeru, kerani disifatkan sebagai pekerja kolar putih kerana mereka hanya bertanggungjawab dalam penyimpanan rekod dan mengendalikan perkhidmatan pelanggan. Pelbagai syarikat, jabatan kerajaan dan agensi swasta memerlukan kerani untuk menguruskan kertas kerja serta tugas pentadbiran yang lain termasuk sistem pemfailan.

Walaupun secara keseluruhannya tugas kerani adalah untuk menguruskan kerja-kerja pentadbiran dalam lingkungan pejabat, tanggungjawabnya mungkin berbeza mengikut jabatan-jabatan tertentu. Sebagai contoh, tugas kerani akaun termasuklah mencatatkan dan merekodkan simpanan syarikat, membuat pengiraan dengan tepat, menyediakan senarai gaji untuk semua pekerja di pejabat untuk penyimpanan rekod berkanun, memproses dokumen kewangan, menyiapkan invois dan merekodkan setiap transaksi, menunaikan cek dan banyak lagi.

Tugas seorang kerani pusat sumber pula jauh berbeza dengan kerani akaun. Sebagai kerani dalam pusat sumber, individu mestilah mempunyai pengetahuan asas dalam urusan awam termasuklah memastikan perpustakaan dalam keadaan bersih dan menyusun semula buku-buku yang dipulangkan di rak-rak tertentu. Selain itu, kerani perpustakaan juga harus mengetahui serba sedikit tugas-tugas lain berkaitan pembelian, pinjaman dan pemprosesan buku-buku.

Walaupun kerja dan tanggungjawab kerani berbeza mengikut jabatan tertentu, lazimnya semua individu yang menceburi bidang ini perlu teliti dan melakukan kerja dengan bersungguh-sungguh, cekap, praktikal, rajin, tenang dan boleh menyesuaikan diri dengan mudah dalam syarikat.

Memandangkan kebanyakan syarikat di Malaysia memerlukan kerani dan terdapat banyak kekosongan, individu yang berminat untuk bekerja sebagai kerani perlu mempunyai kelulusan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) dan mendapat kepujian dalam Bahasa Malaysia dan Matematik dan yang paling penting, tahu menggunakan komputer terutamanya Microsoft Word dan Excel.

Jobs in Public Service

When applying for jobs with the Public Services of Malaysia, the most fundamental academic qualifications would be needed. This means that you will need to obtain the basic relevant entry requirements to be considered for any postings within the ministries and departments in Malaysia in order to be considered and processed.

In Malaysia, working with the Public Service means that you will be accorded with a wide range of benefits and remunerations which differs from the public sector. To apply for any jobs within the government of Malaysia, you will have to first visit and submit your registration. This is where you need to fulfill all the important requirements which are needed to facilitate your application and the most basic qualification you should have is the SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia).

Once you have registered an account with SPA (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam), you will need to take note of the interview sessions which are held throughout the year at the respective SPA offices nationwide. It is important that you are fully prepared for these sessions where additional information can be obtained from the SPA website.

If you are applying for jobs within the entry level positions, the most important academic qualification you must possess is SPM. Applicants who are looking for postings in this level must at least pass 6 subjects in SPM. It is compulsory that you have a pass in the national language, Bahasa Melayu. In total, your results must have at least 2 Credit and 4 Passes in any of the 6 subjects in one seating.

However, in a situation where you have not passed 6 subjects in one seating, you can apply if you have obtained 2 Credits and 4 Passes in 2 seatings which were taken in the course of 3 years. This must including Bahasa Melayu.

Depending on the job scope required, you must obtain Credit in specific subjects while the requirement for Bahasa Melayu is at least a Credit point. If you are applying for positions like Pembantu Keselamatan Gred KP17, Pembantu Pertahanan Awam Gred KP17, Pambantu Kesatria Gred S17 or Pembantu Penguatkuasa Gred N17, you are exempted from the above mentioned requirements if you held a Corporal or above position previously with the Police Force or in the Army.

STAM (Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia)

The STAM (Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia) is a public examination which is taken by Muslim students. It is one of the qualifications that you will need if you are looking to find employment within certain areas of the Malaysian public sector. As the qualifications are related to religious education, applicants in this area usually apply for jobs in the religious departments and its related sectors.

In order to obtain an appointment into the Civil Service through your STAM (Malaysian Higher Islamic Religious Certificate), you need to obtain a certain level of passes before your application will be considered. This is very important as it would determine the level of jobs you will be eligible for as well as to ensure that you have the right qualities to undertake these roles.

If you hold a STAM qualification, you will be eligible to apply in certain schemes of services which must be submitted together with your STPM (Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia). In this context, it is mandatory that you have at least 4 passes in the subjects of the Maqbul level. This must be obtained in one seating where it must be of the following.

You must have passed 2 Arabic language subjects, 1 in the Syariah field another in Usuluddin. Otherwise, you should have 1 subject passed in Arabic, 2 in Syariah and 1 in Usuluddin. If you have 1 pass in Arabic, 1 in Syariah and 2 in Usuluddin, you can apply as well.

Other options include 2 in Arabic and 2 in Syariah, 2 in Arabic and 2 in Usuluddin, 2 in Syariah and 2 in Usuluddin, 3 in Arabic and 1 in Syariah, 3 in Arabic plus 1 in Usuluddin, 1 in Arabci and 3 in Usuluddin or 1 in Syariah with 3 in Usuluddin.

If you fail to complete the 4 passes within 1 seating, you are allowed to accumulate any of the 4 passes through the combinations mentioned above within 3 consecutive years. This will be counted from the start of the first examination you took through the STAM seating.

Among the subjects that are applicable here are Nahu and Sarf, Insya’ and Mutal’ah, Adab and Nusus, Arudh and Qafiyah and Balagha which are all part of the Arabic Language category. Meanwhile, the Syariah category will encompass Fiqh, Hadith and Mustolah while the Usuluddin category will cover Hifz Al-Quran and Tajwid, Tauhid and Mantiq and Tafsir and Ulumuhu.

Human Resource in Malaysia

Malaysia with a population of almost 30 million is made up of Peninsular and East Malaysia. Similar to other neighbouring countries in South East Asia, Malaysia is a developing nation since late 1980s (thanks to the former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad). And compared to Indonesia, Thailand or Philippines; Malaysia is more advanced in terms of country’s economic.

The country has witnessed a steady growth in employment market since 2002. Of course, one should not make comparisons between Malaysia and China/India. But since 2002, information technology, business process outsourcing, and healthcare sectors offered more job opportunities for the locals.

Good news is Malaysia offers higher wages compared to China and India. Between 2006 and 2007, Malaysia’s Ministry of Statistics reported an increase of wage manufacturing by 3 percent. And between these years, unemployment rate dropped slightly only from 3.8 percent to 3.4 percent.

In 2006, there were almost 800,000 job openings for locals and foreigners. Hence, the number of unskilled foreign workers especially from Bangladesh and Indonesia rose drastically. On the other hand, the number of professional aka expatriates in the country also increased by 30 percent from 2006 to 2007.

What you need to know about Accounting Jobs

Accounting refers to a system of recording, validating and reporting value of income, liabilities, assets and expenses in books of account. This recorded information keeps track of what is bought, sold, owed, and owned within a company. It is also a day-to-day financial transaction of a company primarily used as a reference by tax authorities, investors and other decision makers. Practitioners of accounting are commonly known as accountant.

The scope of accounting profession varies and therefore it can be divided into few categories such as book keeping, chartered accountant, cost accounting, forensic accounting, internal and external accounting as well as auditing. In general, book keeper records value of income, liabilities, assets and expenses in ledgers and arranged the transactions chronologically. Chartered accountants are responsible in the fields of business and finance while cost accounting keep track of the budget and cost of operations, departments or product and the analysis of profitability. Forensic accounting specializes in accountancy related to the anticipated disputes or litigation. Auditors are mainly responsible in assessment of a company or organizations books of account.

Different scope of accounting however involves a few similar major duties that are to collect then store financial information, prepare a report based on the collected information to be presented to the public and also present it to investors, companies and organizations accurately. The required education background for accounting profession varies in different countries.

In Malaysia, Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) was founded in under the Accountants Act 1967. It is a national regulatory body of accountants represented by a council comprising accountant General, the Registrar and accountants in the public practice, private sector and from the academia. MIA is made up of members from three different groups of professional accountants that are chartered accountant, licensed accountants and associate members.

The institute also plays an important role in the development of accounting profession globally. MIA is also a member in Asian Federation of Accountants (AFA), Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants (CAPA), International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and Intergovernmental Working Group of Experts on International Standards of Accounting and Reporting (ISAR).

Generally, accounting degree programmes in Malaysia takes up 3 years upon graduation. Among some of the recognized accountancy degree by MIA are Bachelor of Accounting, University of Malaya, Diploma in Accounting, University of Malaya (up to examination session 1981/82), Bachelor of Accounting (Honours), University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bachelor of Accounting (Honours), University Technology MARA, Advanced Diploma in Accountancy, MARA Institute of Technology (up to October 1996), Bachelor of Accounting (Honours), University Utara Malaysia, Bachelor of Accounting (Honours), University Putra Malaysia and Bachelor of Accounting (Honours), International Islamic University. These programmes offer strong foundation for students in the field of accounting and financing in order to prepare them for a variety of competitive careers in the nation.

Among other professional associations as listed by MIA are Malaysia Association of Certified Public Accountants, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand, Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants and also Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (United Kingdom). There are numerous job opportunities for accountants in Malaysia. Among some of the available accounting and finance job openings are accounts associate, accounts executive, account assistant and accounts manager. Accounts associate are responsible in handling the incoming and outgoing accounts of a company while accounts assistant need to prepare monthly closing account and ensure compliance of company policies. For accounts manager, they have to assist the department or finance officers in dealing with premium funding and banking.

SPA8 Job Guide

Apa Yang Perlu Anda Lakukan

Setelah anda mendaftarkan permohonan anda dengan menghantar borang SPA8, anda perlu menyemak status permohonan anda dari semasa ke semasa. Di dalam proses pendaftaran anda perlu memilih dan memohon jawatan yang anda inginkan. Sila amil perhatian bahawa anda perlu tentukan ialah tahap pekerjaan yang anda mohon. Ini berdasarkan kelayakan akademik anda. Kategori tersebut ialah :

• Ijazah/Master atau PhD

• Ijaazh dan Diploma/Ijazah dan STPM

• Diploma dan Sijil



• Pelatih Perubatan

• Dalam Perkhidmatan/KPSL

Ini kerana setiap kategori di atas akan menentukan anda dalam pengelasan dan skim gaji yang berbeza bersama. Anda menentukan di mana tahap yang anda berada untuk mendapatkan borang yang sesuai. Pastikan anda menghabiskan masa yang sesuai memahami bidang yang diingini dan anda perlu mengisi segala maklumat dengan tepat dan betul.

Setelah itu, anda perlu untuk mengetahui apakah jenis kerja yang anda minati. Borang SPA8 membenarkan anda menghantar sehingga 10 kekosongan yang berbeza. Terdapat banyak kategori yang terdapat di mana anda akan dapat melihat semua kekosongan yang ada. Klik pada jawatan kosong dan anda akan dapat membaca lebih tantang jawatan tersebut, keperluan, skala gaji dan sebagainya.

Setelah anda menjumpai jawatan apa yang diminati, kemudian anda boleh terus mengisi borang SPA8. Tandakan kelayakan anda pada sebelah kiri muka surat dan anda dapat melihat borang dalam talian. Di sini anda perlu mengisi semua yang berkaitan dengan diri anda dan sebagainya dan pastikan bahawa semuanya adalah jawapan yang tepat. Kekosongan jawatan yang anda mohon, tempat temuduga dan maklumat peribadi.

Apa Yang Perlu Anda Lakukan

Pihak SPA akan mengumumkan iklan jawatan kosong dua kali setahun untuk memberitahu kepada calon berdaftar yang berminat. Namun, anda boleh mengisi dan menghantar borang SPA8 pada bila-bila masa sahaja sepanjang tahun tanpa perlu menunggu pengumuman rasmi. Pada masa yang sama, calon boleh menyemak status permohonan dan sebarang maklumat yang berkaitan pada bila-bila masa sahaja.

Setelah anda menghantar borang SPA8, permohonan anda hanya layak untuk satu tahun sahaja. Setelah tempoh satu tahun itu berakhir, anda layak untuk membuat permohonan baru. Anda perlu untuk menghantar borang permohonan baru untuk memohon jawatan yang berlainan. Sebarang permohonan yang diterima melalui borang SPA 8 akan dilayan dengan kerahsiaan dan seadilnya. Tidak akan ada sebarang layanan istimewa yang dijanjikan kepada sesiapa sahaja dan juga temuduga terus.

Panduan Mengisi Borang SPA8 Dalam Talian

Mula dengan memilih kelayakan tertinggi anda pada sebelah kiri muka surat. Ini akan menentukan jawatan dan skala gaji jawatan yang anda mohon.

Borang akan muncul selepas anda menaip masuk nombor Kad Pengenalan anda (yang baru dan yang lama) ataupun hanya no kad pengenalan yang baru jika anda tidak mempunyai yang lama.

Anda kemudianya perlu mengisi kekosongan yang anda inginkan di ruang Jawatan 1. Anda juga boleh terus mengisi ruang Jawatan 2 hingga Jawatan 10. Pilihan anda tidak boleh berulang.

Berikut adalah ruang yang wajib diisi.

· pusat temu duga/ujian dipilih,

· nama pemohon,

· tarikh lahir,

· negeri tempat lahir,

· jantina,

· taraf perkahwinan,

· keturunan,

· agama,

· kewarganegaraan,

· tempat lahir ibu,

· tempat lahir bapa,

· alamat surat-menyurat

Bagi yang kurang upaya, anda perlu mengisi ruang pada Kecacatan.

Anda juga perlu mengisi ruang Keputusan Bahasa Melayu Tingkatan 5 bagi pemohon yang mempunyai ijazah, diploma, SRP dan kategori Bakat.

Bagi pemohon yang di dalam kategori SPM, anda perlu mengisi semua di dalam keputusan Tingkatan 5.

Bagi Kelulusan Pengajian Tinggi (Ijazah/Diploma/Sijil and telah diperolehi), anda perlu mengisi semua maklumat di dalam permohonan. Lepasan university tempatan perlu mengisi ruang Universiti Tempatan manakala lepasan universiti luar negara mengisi ruang yang bertentangan. Jika anda tidak pasti tarikh tamat pengajian, masukkan tarikh konvokesyen.

Bagi pemohon di dalam kategori Diploma/STP/STPM/HSC anda perlu mengisi ruangKeputusan Peperiksaan Tingkatan 6 manakala bagi pemohon Diploma, anda perlu mengisi ruang Kelulusan Pengajian Tinggi.

Anda perlu memastikan segala maklumat yang diisi adalah betul dan tepat.

Setelah anda siap mengisi semua maklumat yang diperlukan, klik pada butang HANTAR. Jika tidak terdapat sebarang kesilapan, mesej yang menyatakan ‘Permohonan anda telah didaftarkan’ akan dipaparkan.

Peringatan Semasa Mengisi Borang SPA8

Pastikan anda mengisi borang SPA8 jika anda betul-betul berminat untuk memohon sebarang jawatan kosong yang terdapat di dalam perkhidmatan awam. Maklumat berkaitan yang diisi haruslah betul dan tepat. Jika anda mengisi maklumat palsu atau tidak tepat, anda akan disenaraihitamkan dan tinfdakan undang-undang boleh dikenakan ke atas anda.

Anda boleh memohon sehingga 10 jawatan menggunakan satu borang SPA8. Calon yang telah memenuhi syarat dan kriteria dan akan akan disenaraipendekkan dan akan dipanggil untuk temuduga apabila terdapat kekosongan jawatan.

Borang yang siap akan diproses dan didaftarkan dengan Bank Data Berkomputer SPA. Selepas itu SPA akan mengeluarkan Surat Akuan Pendaftaran kepada calon berdaftar. Jika anda menghantar permohonan anda melalui talian, anda juga dapat menyemak status permohonan anda melalui portal SPA selepas 3 hari bekerja dari tarikh pendaftaran anda. Anda hanya perlu memasukkan nombor MyKad anda.

Semua permohonan yang dibuat melaui borang SPA8 hanya sah dalam tempoh 1 tahun dan kemudiannya anda perlu menghantar lagi borang yang baru. Anda digalakkan untuk mengikuti perkembangan di dalam tempoh setahun tersebut di mana anda perlu menghantar semula permohonan anda selepas itu untuk mengemaskini rekod anda.

Lebih Peringatan

Ensure that you are filling in the SAP 8i form only if you are genuinely interested to apply for any job vacancies with the public service. Your particulars in the form must be true and accurate. If you are found to provide false or inaccurate details, you will be blacklisted and legal action could be taken against you.

You are allowed to apply up to 10 different vacancies using one SPA 8 form. Applicants who fulfil the requirement criteria and are shortlisted will be called for an interview when a vacancy is available.

Complete applications will be processed and registered with the Computerised Data Bank of SPA. From there on, the SPA will issue an Acknowledgement of Registrations Letter (Surat Akuan Pendaftaran) to the registered applicant. If you submitted your application online, you can also check the status of your application on the SPA portal after 3 working days of your registration. You will only be required to key in your MyKad number.
All applications made through the SPA 8 form are valid for 1 year after which you will be required to re-submit a fresh application. You are encouraged to keep track of the 1 year period whereby you must resubmit your application after that to enable updating of your records.


1. Pemohon yang mengisi borang SPA 8i hanyalah mereka yang benar-benar ingin mengisi kekosongan jawatan-jawatan Awam di Malaysia.
2. Pastikan maklumat yang benar sahaja diisi dalam Borang SPA 8i. Pemohon yang mengemukakan maklumat palsu atau mengelirukan akan disenaraihitamkan dan boleh diambil tindakan Undang-undang di bawah Seksyen 5 Akta Suruhanjaya-suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan 1957 (Semakan 1989).
Keterangan Am
1. Pemohon boleh memohon sehingga sepuluh (10) jawatan/latihan dengan menggunakan satu borang sahaja. Pemohon yang memenuhi syarat kelayakan serta melepasi tapisan yang ditetapkan akan dipanggil temu duga apabila ada kekosongan.
2. Permohonan yang lengkap akan diproses dan didaftarkan dalam Bank Data Berkomputer SPA. SPA akan mengeluarkan Surat Akuan Pendaftaran kepada calon setelah permohonan didaftarkan. Pemohon yang memohon melalui laman web SPA juga boleh menyemak di status permohonan di laman web SPA setelah 3 hari bekerja dengan menaipkan no Kad Pengenalan di ruangan yang disediakan.
3. TEMPOH SAH LAKU permohonan adalah selama satu (1) tahun dari tarikh permohonan didaftarkan oleh SPA. Selepas tamat tempoh sah laku, sekiranya masih berminat berdaftar dengan SPA, calon-calon hendaklah mengemukakan permohonan baru dengan mengisi borang SPA 8 Pin. 1/2002 atau melalui laman web SPA.
4. Calon-calon yang ingin meminda alamat surat-menyurat dan/atau pusat temu duga/pusat ujian khas yang dipilih boleh mengemukakan permohonan dengan menulis surat kepada SPA atau melalui email. Surat tersebut hendaklah menyatakan nama, no. kad pengenalan dan tujuannya. Calon-calon yang ingin meminda maklumat lain hendaklah mengemukakan permohonan baru dengan mengisi borang SPA 8 atau SPA 8i.
5. Pemohon dinasihatkan untuk menghantar sekali sahaja permohonan kepada SPA sama ada melalui Borang SPA 8 ataupun SPA 8i dalam jangka masa setahun. Perbuatan mengulangi penghantaran permohonan akan menyebabkan maklumat anda (termasuk jawatan yang dipohon) sentiasa diperbaharui, manakala perbuatan mengulangi permohonan berulang-ulang kali berturut-turut boleh memungkinkan anda tidak akan dipanggil temu duga dalam jangka waktu yang lama.
Arahan mengisi borang SPA 8i (melalui laman web)
1. Mulakan dengan memilih butang bagi kelayakan sijil tertinggi anda iaitu sama ada Ijazah/Sarjana/Phd, Ijazah & Diploma Atau Ijazah & STPM, Diploma/Sijil, STPM/HSC, SPM/SRP/PMR/LCE atau Bakat dan Seni (apa-apa kelayakan). Butang-butang pilihan ini akan menentukan jawatan-jawatan yang anda layak memohon.
2. Muka surat borang akan terpapar. Sila isikan Nombor Kad Pengenalan anda iaitu kedua-dua nombor kad pengenalan baru dan lama. Bagi calon-calon yang tidak mempunyai salah satu kad pengenalan tersebut, mereka wajib mengisi salah satu daripada mana-mana kad pengenalan yang mereka ada.
3. Anda wajib memilih jawatan-jawatan yang layak dipohon pada ruangan Jawatan 1. Anda dibolehkan untuk memenuhi ruangan Jawatan 2 hingga 10 dan jawatan yang anda pilih hendaklah tidak berulang.
4. Ruangan pusat temu duga/ujian dipilih, nama pemohon, tarikh lahir, negeri tempat lahir, jantina, taraf perkahwinan, keturunan, agama, kewarganegaraan, tempat lahir ibu, tempat lahir bapa dan alamat surat-menyurat adalah wajib dipenuhi oleh setiap pemohon.
5. Bagi calon yang istimewa, anda dikehendaki mengisi ruang kecacatan.
6. Keputusan bahasa Melayu Tingkatan 5 wajib diisi oleh calon kelayakan ijazah, diploma, SRP dan Bakat. Manakala calon kelayakan SPM diwajibkan mengisi kesemua butir-butir Keputusan Tingkatan 5 (SPM/MCE/SPM(V)/SPVM).
7. Kesemua ruangan Kelulusan Pengajian Tinggi (Ijazah/Diploma/Sijil yang telah diperolehi)diwajibkan untuk diisi oleh calon-calon yang telah memperolehi Ijazah tersebut. Calon yang belajar di institusi dalam negara mengisi di ruangan Universiti tempatan dan calon bekas pelajar di institusi luar negara adalah sebaliknya. Sekiranya calon tidak dapat mengenalpasti tarikh lulus pengajian anda, sila isikan tarikh konvokesyen anda.
8. Sekiranya hanya satu Ijazah yang telah diperolehi, anda dikehendaki hanya mengisi satu sahaja ruang sahaja. Begitulah seterusnya. Anda tidak dibenarkan mengulangi maklumat kerana ini akan memungkinkan proses permohonan anda terjejas.
9. Bagi calon-calon memilih butang Diploma/STP/STPM/HSC pada permulaan pemilihan borang, anda hendaklah mengisi ruang Keputusan Peperiksaan Tingkatan 6 bagi mereka yang telah menduduki peperiksaan tersebut. Manakala calon-calon berkelulusan Diploma hendaklah mengisi pada ruangKelulusan Pengajian Tinggi.
10. Calon-calon dikehendaki mengisi ruangan-ruangan lain sekiranya berkenaan.
11. Pastikan ruangan-ruangan yang diisi adalah tepat dan betul. Segala maklumat yang dihantar adalah di bawah tanggungjawab anda sendiri.
12. Sekiranya anda telah berpuas hati dengan maklumat-maklumat yang diisi sila klik pada butang HANTAR. Kecuaian anda meninggalkan langkah menekan butang HANTAR akan menyebabkan borang anda tidak akan diproses.
13. Paparan ucapan ‘Permohonan anda telah didaftarkan’ akan terpapar jika maklumat anda tiada kesilapan.
14. Sekiranya anda menerima mesej ralat, sila kembali ke muka surat borang dan betulkan ralat-ralat tersebut, ulangi proses penyemakan dan penghantaran.

SPA Departments/Jabatan SPA Negeri-negeri is an online portal where you can search for jobs in both the public and private sectors. There are several areas of specialization that you can apply for vacancies in for a better career path. Through, employers are able to post jobs when there are vacancies in their companies while potential candidates can apply directly through the online system here. Find jobs in government departments and learn about tips and tricks on how to make your application successful.

At, you will be able to apply for jobs in a one-stop job and career centre. Here is where you will be able to enjoy the most relevant resources where you can learn about methods to apply for jobs into government ministries, departments and agencies. There are all types of resources here that includes an online resume bank where you can apply for vacancies through a click of a button which is very convenient and easy.

The Bursa Buruh Elektronik is known as the ELX or Electronic Labour Exchange. Here is where you can find jobs through the registration and matching system provided through Basically, the ELX helps you to find jobs with government agencies around the country while providing prospective companies with the resources the best candidates for vacancies in their organisations. On top of that, you will be able to read about the requirements and procedures for applications here as well.

The SPA (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam) portal is the centralized portal to visit if you are looking for any employment opportunities with the government. Whether it is to apply for jobs in the ministries, agencies or GLCs, you will need to register yourself with SPA( and then go through all the processes as stipulated here. From there, interviews will be arranged where you can then find out where to go and what to do during these sessions. Borang-borang dan keputusan online negeri boleh didapati di sini.

The Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Negeri Terengganu is the one-stop portal that provides all the information you need about working for the state government. Here is where you can find jobs, apply for them and learn more about the guidelines required in being part of the public service in the state of Terengganu. There is information about vacancies available in the government agencies and GLCs statewide while updates on applications, resumes and many others here for your convenience.

If you are residing in Kelantan or thinking of working for the state there, you can send your applications through the Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Negeri Kelantan. Here is where you can find all the information and forms(borang) you need like procedures, policies and how to go about trying to obtain employment with the Kelantan public services and its related agencies. There will be constant updates and resources which will guide you through the entire process during the course of your application.

The Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Negeri Johor provides you with a very convenient and informative site that helps you in gaining employment with any of the state departments, agencies and companies linked with the Johor state government. Learn about how you can be employed with the Johor public services here while finding out about any available vacancies around the state. This is a very convenient and useful system which provides all the resources and information you need in furthering your career with the state.

The Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Negeri Perak is the place to submit your applications if you are searching for jobs in the Perak public service. Find out what you need to know concerning the procedures and policies of employment with the Perak state government including how to attend interviews as well as the available vacancies posted from time to time. On top of that, you can find out about application procedures and qualifications needed in order to be engaged with the public service of the state.

Here’s your chance to be part of the richest state in Malaysia. There are many job vacancies available in Selangor posted by the state government, departments, agencies and other related companies. Whether you are a fresh graduate or a seasoned employee, you can check the Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Negeri Selangor to find out what is available in the state and you can follow the guidelines provided. On top of that, there are information about requirements and qualifications needed to apply for jobs here as well.

In order to gain employment with agencies and companies related to the state of Pahang, you need to register with the Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Negeri Pahang. This is where you can find all the resources and information you need about application and interviews to be part of the civil service of Pahang. Here is where you will find a one-stop centre that will inform you on everything you need to know about finding employment with the Pahang state.

The Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Negeri Kedah is the ideal place for you to find sources and job vacancies in the Kedah state’s public service. You will be able to find all the information you need that include qualifications needed, relevant experiences and policies of employment in the state of Kedah. There will be job postings in all state related companies, agencies, ministries and departments here which can be facilitated through the online system for your convenience.

If you are planning to move to East Malaysia and would like to try to obtain employment with the state agencies, you would need to first register with the Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Negeri Sabah. Here is where you will find all the resources, information and links that you need in order to apply for jobs in Sabah’s public services. There are information about how to apply, what to apply for and what you need in order to qualify here, among many others.

The Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Negeri Sarawak is the one-stop portal that facilitates your application with any state-linked companies. You can find jobs with the East Malaysian state’s public service here while finding all the information you will need in order to help you in your application. There will be new job postings from time to time while there are information about procedures and application processes as well on companies related to tourism, forestry and oil and gas, among others.

The SPAT or Sistem Pengurusan Pengambilan Atas Talian is the online job portal operated by the Kementrian Kesihatan Malaysia or Malaysian Health Ministry. This is where will be able to use the online system which is very convenient and easy to find available vacancies with the Ministry. Apart from jobs within the ministry, there will be vacancies posted from other companies, agencies and departments which are either directly or indirectly linked. Find all you need to know and post your applications directly for a chance to be employed with the public service here.

Universiti Teknologi Mara

This portal helps you and other interested applicants to find employment in Universiti Teknologi Mara or UiTM, one of the largest public universities in Malaysia. As UiTM has branches all over Malaysia, there are constantly job openings from time to time which will be communicated here. This is where you can register an account with the portal and be informed if any openings that suit your qualifications and experiences come out in any of UiTM’s branches around the country.

Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris

The is the place to go if you want to find employment with this prestigious university. Here is where the Bahagian Sumber Manusia or Human Resources Division provides you with an online portal that will facilitate all types of job applications for the university. Whether it is a position with the academic services like professors and lecturers or in the administrative side, post your applications here to have a chance of being employed with one of Malaysia’s top universities.

Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

This portal is the online job application website for Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. It provides all the information and resources that you will need if you are interested to be part of the Terengganu public university. Register an account and you will receive notifications when a job you are interested in is available. There are many types of job postings here that include faculty lecturers, administrators, faculty management and others which can be applied directly from this portal.

Universiti Malaysia Pahang

This portal allows you to find all the available vacancies posted by Universiti Malaysia Pahang. The public university in Pahang offers attractive employment packages and all this information will be communicated here. Find the academic or administrative positions that you desire and apply them directly after you have registered an account and posted your details. There are information about what you need in order to apply like qualifications, work experience and any procedures where needed.

Pusat Perubatan Universiti Melaya

The Sistem Permohonan Jawatan portal of Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya is the online portal for you to apply for jobs with the University Malaya’s Medical Center. Here, you will find all the resources to facilitate your application or information about positions that are available with the medical center. You can register an account and be updated about any available vacancies when they open and apply for them directly through the facilities offered in this portal.

Universiti Malaysia Sabah

If you are looking for jobs in Sabah and more so in the academic and education field, then you must register with the Universiti Malaysia Sabah portal. Here is where you will be kept updated on any available positions in the prestigious state-run university. You can post your details online and apply for jobs easily when a position becomes available or you could find out all the information you need about your application procedures and processes.

Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

This is the place to go and register if you want to serve as a lecturer or administrator with a public university in Kelantan. You can read about the requirements of the job and what experiences are needed while learning about the procedures of finding employment with Universiti Malaysia Kelantan here. On top of that, you can check out the postings which are updated from time to time and apply for them if you are interested.

Universiti Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia

This site enables you to learn more about any employment opportunities with the Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, one of the most popular and public universities located in Johor. Whether you are looking for employment in the teaching line or in the management and administrative areas of the university, you can check them out here. Register an account and you post your details where you can then apply for jobs directly when they are available.

SPA Office Addresses

You may contact SURUHANJAYA PERKHIDMATAN AWAM MALAYSIA for job vacancy to pursue your career at the address below:

Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia, Aras 6 -10 , Blok C7, Kompleks C, Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan, 62520 Putrajaya.
Telefon : 603 8885 6000 | Faks : 603 8888 5036


Borang SPA 8 Pin 1/2005 dan buku panduan ada dijual di tempat-tempat berikut dengan menggunakan wang pos RM5.00 atas nama SETIAUSAHA, SURUHANJAYA PERKHIDMATAN AWAM MALAYSIA dan hantar kepada:-

Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia,
Bahagian Pengurusan, Aras 9, Blok C7, Kompleks C,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,

Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia,
Urus Setia Cawangan Sabah, Aras 1, Blok A,
Kompleks Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,
Jalan UMS/Sulaman, Likas,

Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia,
Urus Setia Cawangan Sarawak,
Tingkat 10 Bangunan Sultan Iskandar,
Jalan Simpang Tiga,

Semua Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Negeri di Semenanjung, Semua Jabatan Tenaga Rakyat Negeri/Daerah.

Pemohon-pemohon juga boleh mendapati Borang SPA 8 Pin 1/2005 berserta dengan buku panduan untuk mengisinya dan maklumat jawatan kosong atau latihan dalam satu pakej melalui pos dengan cara menulis berserta wang POS RM5 dan ditulis atas nama Setiausaha, Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia dan sampul surat beralamat sendiri berukuran 11inci x 16inci atau (28cm x 40cm) berstem RM3.50 dari pejabat-pejabat yang tersebut di atas.

Borang SPA 8 Pindaan 1/2005 yang berharga RM5 tunai juga boleh didapati secara terus di :
Pusat Temu Duga Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia,
Jalan Cenderasari,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-26988334

Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia
Parcel C, Blok C7, Lobi Aras 1,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,
Tel: 03-88856000

Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia
Urus Setia Cawangan Sabah
Aras 1, Blok A, Kompleks Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,
Jalan UMS/Sulaman, Likas,
88450 Kota Kinabalu,
Tel: 088 488922 Fax: 088 488920

Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia
Urus Setia Cawangan Sarawak
Tingkat 10 Bangunan Sultan Iskandar
Jalan Simpang Tiga
93520 Kuching SARAWAK
Tel: 082-240011

Tempoh sah laku permohonan adalah selama setahun (1) dari tarikh permohonan didaftarkan oleh Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia. Setelah tamat tempoh sah laku, sekiranya masih berminat berdaftar dengan Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia, calon-calon (bukan Kakitangan Kerajaan) hendaklah mengemukakan permohonan baru dengan mengisi borang SPA 8 Pindaan 1/2005.

Bagi kakitangan Kerajaan yang memohon melalui Jabatan (MJ), tidak perlu mengisi borang SPA 8 setelah tamat tempoh satu (1) tahun, tetapi hanya perlu menulis surat (untuk dikemaskini permohonan) dengan menyatakan nama, no kad pengenalan dan nyatakan bahawa calon/pemohon masih berminat berdaftar dengan Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia. Sila kirimkan surat anda kepada:-

Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia,
Bahagian Pengambilan Khas,
Aras 7, Blok C7,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,


Calon-calon yang ingin meminda informasi(alamat surat-menyurat dan/atau pusat temu duga/pusat ujian Khas/No Kad Pengenalan/Kelayakan Pusat Pengajian Tinggi) boleh dibuat dengan mengemukakan permohonan melalui email kecuali pindaan untuk Kelayakan Pusat Pengajian Tinggi hendaklan menghantar salinan dengan menulis surat and dikirim kepada kepada:-

Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia,
Bahagian Pengambilan Khas,
Aras 7, Blok C7,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,

Surat anda hendaklah menyatakan nama, no kad pengenalan dan tujuannya. Walau bagaimana pun calon-calon yang ingin meminda maklumat lain hendaklah mengemukakan permohonan baru dengan mengisi borang SPA 8 Pin. 1/2005.

Interview Locations

Borang permohonan spa8 Malaysia. – Interview locations(Pusat Temuduga)

Dewan Temu Duga
Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia
Aras 6 Blok C7
Parcel C,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
62520 Putrajaya
Tel: 03-8885 6000

Jalan Cenderasari
Pusat Temu Duga
Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia
Jalan Cenderasari
Kuala Lumpur

SPA Cawangan Sabah
Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia
Urus Setia Cawangan Sabah
Aras 1, Blok A, Kompleks Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,
Jalan UMS/Sulaman, Likas,
88450 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088 488922 Fax: 088 488920

SPA Cawangan Sarawak
Pusat Temu Duga
Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia
Urusetia Cawangan Sabah
Tingkat 10, Bgn Sultan Iskandar
Jalan Simpang Tiga
Kuching Sarawak
Tel: 082 240011


Borang permohonan spa8 Malaysia. – Interview locations(Pusat Temuduga)

Pengurusan : 03 – 8885 6060
6061 > Pn. Noor Azian bt Mohd Ali
6068 > Pn. Zaleha bt Jisat
6053 > En. Rosli b Choh
6065 > En. Fauzi b Abdullah
6055 > En. Zainal b Ein
6041 > Pn. Siti Dinar bt Othman

Pengambilan Khas : 03 – 8885 6032
6258 > Pn. Nurizan bt Mohd Yusoff
6254 > Pn. Ramlah bt Naim
6255 > Pn. Latipah bt Ahmad
6285 > Pn. Shahrul Nafisah bt Mohamed Yasin
6256 > En. Mohd Saad b Aghmat

Peperiksaan : 03 – 8885 6389
6305 > Pn. Salbiah bt Arop
6306 > En. Syed Adlan b Tuan Dalam
6311 > Y.M. Dato’ Markhaza b Y.M. Dato’ Mohd Shariff
6318 > En. Mohd Shamshul Kamar b Ahmad
6308 > Cik Dayangku Kadariah Haszlina bt Pg. Abdul Kadir

Naik Pangkat & Tatatertib : 03 – 8885 6031
6091 > En. Ahmad Haromain b Hj. Othman
6089 > Pn. Hajah Kamariah bt Ahmad
6079 > Cik Sharifah Ridzuah bt Syed Sayuthi
6083 > Pn. Nadia Hanim bt Rosli
6095 > Cik Saliza bt Mohamad Nafiah
6085 > Cik Salina bt Mat Ali

Perkhidmatan : 03 – 8885 6140
6216 > Pn. Hajah Rosni bt Yaakob
6219 > Pn. Faridah bt Ishak
6240 > En. M. Salleh b A. Rahman
6203 > Pn. Rohani bt Othman
6182 > Pn. Noraini bt Muhd Zin
6218 > Pn. Halimah bt Abdullah

Pengambilan : 03 – 8885 6354
6327 > En. Muhammad Hazam b Hajanan
6332 > En. Aidid Molana b Haji Mataha
6364 > Pn. Fatimah bt Abu Bakar
6331 > En. Abdul Rahman b Mohd Yusof
6359 > En. Sairol Anuar b Ibrahim

Teknologi Maklumat : 03 – 8885 6033
6100 > En. Roshidi b Rozali
6155 > En. Noorshahriman b Abdul Rahman
6102 > En. Mohd Faizal b Marzuki
6109 > En. Mohd Faizal b Harun