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Surviving Job Loss: Guide for coping with retrenchment

The Break Through Learning Series published a guide in 4 major languages, i.e. Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, Tamil and English entitled “Surviving Job Loss: Guide on Coping with Retrenchment” which contains useful tips on remedying unemployment. This is the first time that MCA produced a quad-lingual publication.

MCA Offers Short Courses and Talks to Help the Lower Income Groups to Break Through Economic Challenges

In response to the national economic challenges, MCA MCA Lifelong Learning and the Centre for Extension Education of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR-CEE) initiated a new project- “Break Through Learning Series”.

This project was launched by MCA Secretary-General YB Senator Dato’ Wong Foon Meng on Saturday. Dato’ Wong said that it is important to help the people to upgrade their skills and acquire knowledge as the best way to brace for the upcoming challenges.

Director of MCA Lifelong Learning Quek Ngee Meng said that the project was initiated in view of the current economic turmoil where the lower income groups would be most severely impacted. Thus, a series of public talks and short courses will be specially designed to meet the needs of the lower income groups, such as the blue collar workers, hawkers, taxi drivers and fresh graduates.

The public talks will be held in MCA Lifelong Learning Centres and short courses will be conducted by the UTAR-CEE. Admission to the public talks is free while short courses will be offered at a nominal fee.

MCA Lifelong Learning also published a guide that aims to help the retrenched to cope with unemployment. The “Surviving Job Loss: Guide on Coping With Retrenchement” are avaiaable in 4 languages: Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil.

Jump Start Your Career and Get the Job You Want!

MCA Lifelong Learning initiates programme to reduce unemployment rates

The economic turmoil has caused a rise in the number of retrenched and unemployed. In such circumstances, getting a job and more importantly, attracting the employers’ attention are the two major concerns for job seekers. To help the retrenched and unemployed to seek a job, MCA Lifelong Learning and the Centre for Extension Education of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR-CEE) will be organising the Jump Start Your Career: Resume and Career Clinic on March 21st, 2009 (Saturday) at 9am at the 2nd Floor, Wisma MCA, Jalan Ampang.

This is one of the events offered under the Break Through Learning Series, which is a joint initiative by MCA Lifelong Learning and UTAR-CEE. The Break Through Learning Series aims to help lower income groups increase their resilience and break through the current economic downturn.

Programmes which will be offered in the Jump Start Your Career: Resume and Career Clinic include career talks on the topic of “How to Get the Interview and A Job in 2009”, a Resume Clinic where experts will help to fine tune the job seekers’ resumes during a 1-to-1 consultation as well as job opportunities and even walk-in-interviews available at the Hot Jobs Corner and on-the-spot recruitment by top employers in Malaysia.

In addition, the MCA Secretary-General Senator Dato’ Wong Foon Meng will officiate the Break Through Learning Series. He will also launch the newly published “Surviving Job Loss: Guide to Coping with Retrenchment” at the same event.

Job Outlook
While thanking MCA for the joint initiative with JobStreet.com and UTAR-CEE, the General Manager of JobStreet.com, Sdr Eric Sito painted a bleak scenario in the near future for jobs in the Malaysian commercial sector. He said that commercial employment in the past several months had seen a drastic reduction. “Since October 2008 till the end of February 2009, there was a 50 per cent drop in commercial jobs. The current situation makes it more difficult to search for a job.”

Sito also mentioned that three months from now, more fresh graduates will enter the job market. “From March to May when graduates from local universities complete their courses, another 100,000 to 120,000 people will enter the job force. There will be a big influx of workers as opposed to job reduction. Therefore, it will be more difficult looking for a job.

While JobStreet.com has 10,000 jobs available in its database, Sito concedes that there would be less job choices for people seeking bonuses or increments.

JobStreet.com Survey
Sito informed that a survey conducted by JobStreet.com revealed that towards the end of 2008, there was a huge drop in companies giving bonuses, increments or expanding their work force. He remarked that people in contract jobs face difficulties as “contracts can end easily. Companies will become stringent in what they require their employees to do.”

Break Through Learning Series delivers jobs
The seminar on 21 Mar 09 would be a career fair in that top Malaysian employers would be setting up booths to interview prospective candidates and possibly hire successful ones on the spot. Sito added that “consultants will analyse the resumes of participants coming and their career profiles. We are happy to bring jobs to the event.”

Lifelong Learning Break Through Learning Series proves to be timely and very necessary for participants to learn and be prepared especially amidst existing economic uncertainties. “If people want to move to another job, they have to be concerned and savvy in making that move,” concluded Sito.

UTAR Center for Extension Education CSR to the public
During an economic downturn, people start to lose their jobs as businesses cut back or close down. When that happens, the two most common courses of action are to go back to school or to start a new business.

The Director for UTAR Center for Extension Education (UTAR-CEE), Dr Prudence Goh remarked that the institution’s participation in the Break Through Learning Series is part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the public.

“UTAR-CEE’s collaboration with MCA Lifelong Learning to offer Break Through Learning Series aims to help the community acquire new skills or improve to expand job opportunities and how to stand out among those vying for a job. Awareness programmes and short courses for taxi drivers, office clerks, hawkers, petty traders as well as retrenched and unemployed workers are offered.

Aimed at benefitting the masses, the programmes conducted by UTAR-CEE are sponsored and subsidised by MCA and UTAR.

MCA rides with you through uncertain times
The coming Break Through Learning Series seminar on “Jump Start Your Career and Get the Job You Want” initiated by MCA Lifelong Learning indicates that MCA takes serious cognizance of the anxieties over job security and income losses. MCA is determined to alleviate the burdens encountered by disenfranchised people, particularly of lower income wage earners whose jobs were terminated to get back on their feet through financial independence and lowering the unemployment rate.





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此中心含盖完善的科技器材和设备,包括多媒体电脑室、会议室、研讨室以及辅导室。 此中心提供多元化的企业课程和终身学习课程,如华语班,英语班等。

The Centre for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) of Tunku Abdul Rahman College was set up in March 2005 at Wisma MCA, Jalan Ampang in the commercial district of Kuala Lumpur to bring learning closer to working adults.

The Centre has an area of over 5,000 square feet comprising four seminar rooms, a multimedia laboratory, a meeting room, two discussion rooms and counseling area. Equipped with wireless internet access, the KTAR Learning Centre provides an excellent integrated learning environment to adult learners.



Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, through its Centre for Extension Education (CEE), offers continuing professional and personal improvement courses to cater to the diverse learning needs of individuals and organisations.

The courses offered range from talks, seminars and short courses to degree programmes. The classes are conducted on full-time and part-time (evenings and weekends) basis. The flexible mode of study provides easy accessibility to lifelong learning opportunities for working and non-working individuals to update and upgrade themselves to meet the demands of the skills and knowledge-based society. 25% and 10% discount are granted to senior citizens and organisations respectively.

Chinese Calligraphy (Kai Shu)

Learning Chinese Calligraphy

  • You will learn the ancient Oriental art and its history
  • You will enjoy the process of learning to write Chinese calligraphy, and enjoy its benefit to practitioners in experiencing peace, calmness and balance in their lives.
  • Everyone can learn to write Calligraphy. It has no age or background barrier.
  • You will only need a brush, calligraphy ink, papers , an open mind and willing heart

Facilitator: Chin Yuen Seam
-Graduated from China National Academy of Fine Art Degree in Calligraphy, Chinese Painting & Seal-engraving.
-Has been teaching Chinese calligraphy & painting for more than 10 years.
-Has participated in many International Exhibitions.

StartsTime: 7:30pm – 9:30pm (Every Wed)

Venue: Room 5, 13th Floor, Wisma MCA Kuala Lumpur

Business Etiquette for Young Working Adults

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