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1. What is HomeMagazine?
HomeMagazine is a portal that hosts Malaysian digital publications ranging from newspapers, magazines, to comics and many more. It gives you absolutely everything you’d get from reading your favourite publication, minus the paper cuts and ink on your fingertips.
  2. Why is HomeMagazine unique?
  • Go paperless and save planet
  • Read online anytime, anywhere
  • Save up to *60% compared to physical publication
  • Captures entire content of a real publication and uploads it onto the Internet
  • News as early as *6.00am
  • At least 7 days archive for newspapers and 3 months archive for magazines
  • Notable features

* depends on publication.

  3. What features are available in HomeMagazine and how do they work?
Please click here to preview the video on features and how does it works.
  4. What kinds of content are available in HomeMagazine?
Currently we have newspapers, magazines and comics. Coming soon, we are going to have novels, catalogue and more.
  5. Is HomeMagazine chargeable or free?
Charges for each publication are different depending on the publisher. Generally, the newspaper is up to 60% cheaper and the magazine is at least 30% cheaper that the physical one. Free publications are put under “Free Publications” tab under “Products”.
  6. How to subscribe to HomeMagazine?
Please click here to view the video on how to subscribe to HomeMagazine.
  7. What are the payment methods available to subscribe to HomeMagazine?

Currently you can only pay via :-

  •  Pbebank,
  • Maybank prepaid card
  •  Paypal card
  •  Master/Visa credit card.

We will extend the payment methods to debit card merchants soon.

  8. Do you need broadband or narrowband to access to HomeMagazine?
The service is accessible through both narrowband and broadband. However, broadband is recommended in order to have a better user experience. At least 56mbps Internet speed is required to view HomeMagazine. Please try the free publication to see the compatibility speed before you subscribe.
   9. Can I download the whole publication that I have subscribed into my computer and read it offline?
No, you can’t. All the contents are not downloadable. You must be connected to Internet to read the content. This is the arrangement between us and the publishers.
   10. Can I save the article that I want into my computer?
Yes, some publishers allow article clipping. Clipping feature allows you to clip your selected article and save it into your computer. It is saved in jpeg and you can view and print it later. This feature is similar to paper-cutting.
  11. Are the digital publications in HomeMagazine archived?
Yes. At least 7 days archive for the newspaper (except Star paper which is 30 days archive) and 3 months archive for the magazine.
   12. Can I get the back dated or past few years publication?
No, you can’t. After 7 days (for newspaper) and 3 months (for magazine) we will delete the content. This is the arrangement between us and the publishers.
   13. Can I view all the publications at 6.00am?
No, it is depends on the publish time of each publication. You can check the publish time under “Products” or before you subscribe to it. Most of the publications can be read as early as as 6.00am. However, there are some publications that will be up after 6.00am or 9.00am (i.e. Utusan and Kosmo) due to the arrangement between us and the publishers or the nature of the publication (i.e. afternoon paper like Malay Mail).
  14. I zoomed in to read the publication in HomeMagazine, and everything looked blur and I couldn’t read anything. I could only read the main headlines but the text was unreadable. Why?
With a slower Internet connection, it will take sometime for the image to become clear as the image detail is being retrieved from the server. HomeMagazine is a content based website, so it requires more speed and is best viewed with a stable broadband connection such as Unifi. A page download indicator bar is at the top center of the HomeMagazine page. You should be able to tell that the page is still downloading when you see the progress of the bar. This bar will disappear once the image finishes downloading. Sometimes network congestion, especially during peak hours can lead to this problem even though your speed is higher than 35Mbps. Therefore, please try the free publication before you subscribe.
   15. What to do when the page shows “User already log in” when you try to log in?
The error means somebody else has logged in into your account or you did not properly logout from the account. Always ensure that you logged out properly before you close the browser. If you accidentally close the browser without properly logging out, please wait until your account is unlocked (maximum waiting time is 1 hour).
  16. After renewing my subscription, the end date was not updated on HomeMagazine. Why?
When we renew your subscription, we create a new subscription. You can check your subscription history. After your current subscription ends, the new one will automatically start. If it doesn’t start, contact our webmaster immediately.
   17. I am subscribing to a newspaper. I found out the current issue was not updated. Why?
If the current issue is not updated as per publish time, we might encounter some technical problems. Please check the announcement. We will extend the days of your subscription accordingly. However, we really appreciate if you can inform us the unavailability immediately using our feedback form.
   18. How many users can login at the same time using the same account?
The system only allows a single user to login one account at any one time. Do not share your login ID to ensure you can login to HomeMagazine at any time or else you will encounter an error.
   19. I was reading a newspaper. But when I tried to get back to my account and read other newspapers, the session timed out and I have to login again. Why?
For security purposes, we determine a timeout session 60 minutes after login. Please login again after that.
   20. I tried to subscribe using Master/Visa credit card, but my transaction failed. Why?
Please inform us the problem that you encountered or you can attach the print screen and email to us
  21. I tried to subscribe using my bank account, but my transaction failed. Why?
Please ensure you have keyed in the right username and password and choose for the service drop down menu. You also have to key in the right person Identification Number (IC) or Business Registration Number of the  account. You cannot subscribe if your balance is not enough.
   22. I am a corporate customer and would like to subscribe a few publications and pay using cash or cheque. Is it possible?
Yes, you can. For corporate customers, please email to us directly using our contact form. Provide your company name, contact details and your preferred newspaper. For corporate customers, we will give discount up to *15%.
  23. I am a publisher and I would like to publish my publication in HomeMagazine. How?
Please email to us directly. Provide your company name, contact details and a brief description of your publication. We will contact you.
  25. How do I combined the membership card value?
  1. Please activate one of the membership card by contacting us.
  2. Then combine/reload the value from the other cards, into the 1st card.
  3. Call the same number as above and press *5 for reload.
  4. Currently, the maximum reload is up to RM200