Makro Cash & Carry Malaysia

Makro Cash & Carry Malaysia is owned by SHV Holdings, a Dutch family-owned international trading company specialized in the distribution of consumer goods and trade in energy and raw materials. Its joint venture partners are Li & Fung, a premier global trading group headquartered in Hong Kong and Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS), the Selangor State Development Corporation.

Makro’s ‘cash and carry’ distribution concept, the first of its kind to be introduced in Malaysia is targeted at small businesses and retailers, caterers and professionals in the service sector.

Founded in 1993, the first Makro Cash & Carry outlet opened in Shah Alam. To date there are eight (8) stores nationwide in Selayang, Johor Bahru, Ipoh, Seberang Perai, Seremban, Cheras and Penang; and the Company continues to look for expansion opportunities.

Makro Malaysia is managed by a team of well-trained professionals and is supported by both local and foreign expertise. The Company provides employment to more than 1,000 employees. It is also supported by a fully integrated IT system linking the inventory and ordering system to the stores and customer database. Makro is a Cash and Carry Wholesaler selling quality Food and Non Food products providing the best buying conditions and solutions to its 600,000 professional customers.

Besides selling products from suppliers, Makro also distributes a number of high quality food and non-food products under its own brands to offer customers a cheaper alternative of comparable quality. Among the brands are :

Malaysia’s Premier Hypermarket

  • Aro, offers quality household durable and consumable goods;
  • Q-Biz, offers excellent quality stationery products and offices;
  • Savepak, offers best price for food and non food items.

One unique feature of Makro is its Trade Card. Sales in stores are made only to trade cardholders. The trade card is given free of charge to persons and business entities active as retailers, caterers, offices, service providers, state and private agencies, institutions and other organizations.


The trade card is a key component of the Makro philosophy as it is a means of compiling and collating a database of Makro’s customers. Besides having the demographic information and spending patterns of its customers, the database allows Makro to send its bi-weekly ‘Makro mailers’ directly to its customers.

Makro recently introduced a ‘Gold Card’ membership with additional services and privileges to recognize and reward its loyal customers.

Shopping in the Store : Time Saving & Convenient

  • Wide aisles provide for spacious and easy navigation around the store for you to load your bulky purchase.
  • Flat bed trolleys made available to accommodate all your purchases.

Low Service for Low Prices

Low Cost Products

  • Wonder why you don’t find many staff around the store? We believe in keeping our cost low to provide you with the lowest prices.
  • That’s why we do not spend money to have staff on standby for the customer. Customers are free to proceed to the Customer Reception for any queries or just ask any uniformed staff you encounter in the store.
Payment Options
Customers have 2 payment options when they shop at Makro; either by Cash or Credit via the Makro Maybank credit card.Why do we have such limited payment options?


  • Increasing the payment options means having to pay more for services that not every customer needs.



  • These savings can again be passed on to the customer.