Metroworld Property Realty

Metroworld strength and specialty are project launches, primary and secondary markets for sale, rental and lease of residential, commercial and agriculture properties.

With the present MM2H programme, metroworld in line with other property agencies is moving aggressively to capture the overseas markets.

Other area of specialties metroworld undertaking are auction & tender, market research & advisory and project marketing planning.

Secondary Market

Sale, rental and lease of residential, commercial and agriculture properties.

  • Property inspection
  • Comparative market research and study
  • Selling & rental rate advisory
  • Sales and rental presentation to prospects.
  • Purchaser / tenant qualifications.
  • Property viewing preparations.
  • Terms and conditions of sale & rental negotiator.
  • Market feed back analysis.
  • Vendor / landlord progress repast.

Primary Market

Project Planning

  • Market Study
  • Type of development
  • Product Mix
  • Feasibility studies

Project Marketing Advisory

  • Marketing plan and strategies.
  • Preparation of marketing budgets & expenses.
  • Preparation of show house and sales offices.

Project Sales

  • Marketing place & implementation
  • Site / Sale office sales personal supply.
  • Sales promotion.

Post Sales Services

  • Purchasers assistance for loans & EPF.
  • Follow up on execution of SPA.
  • Follow up on collection of the balance 10% total deposit.
  • Sales reports & development feedback.

Market Research Service

  • Sales and market performance research
  • Pricing research
  • Product research.
  • Market testing.

Auction and Tender Properties

  • Marketing and promotion of auction and tender sale properties.

Real Estate Training

  • In home training
  • On the job training.

Agents Code of Ethics

 Agents would represent its client with its utmost professionalism and holds all information with high confidentiality until the consent from client is received for disclosure.

Agents continuously strive to provide a high level of competency service to its clients; keep our clients always informed of matters affecting real estate laws in the country.

Agents endeavors to practice its utmost best in the profession and undertakes all type of estate agency practices that includes  negotiations for sales, purchases, letting and leasing of all types of properties for our clients.