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"YUMZCREATIVE" is an art design company. We have

team up as free artist and designers, each one of

them has his own art vision, professionalism and

huge experience. They are devotees of their

business and perform set task with the utmost

seriousness and dedication. Our masters

apply all their skills to transform creative ideas

of clients into stunning work of art. If you want

your artistic fantasy to come true, just enquire

to Yumz Creative; the rest will be done by the

artists and designers of the studio. We offer the

following services :-

Interior Mural - Interior design(public interior)

/ Offices / Residential projects

Exterior Mural - Outdoor decoration of any surface

Graffiti Advertising - An excellent method to

deliver your brand message throughout the city


Events - Assistance in holding exhibitions /

Workshops / Festivals.

Graphic Design - Do you need really effective and

fascinating design n solutions? we do have them

and enjoy creating design that works!


Dubai Graffiti, Petronas, DBKL, Sime Darby, National Art Gallery(BSVN),Bank Rakyat, Pusat Sains Negara, iM4U,RTM,TV3, TV9, Jovian Mandagie, KRU, Indah Water, Kementerian Belia Dan Sukan,

Permodalan Nasional Berhad, Abstrax, Mytown and many more

Yumz : 01119915425


Mural Painting street art