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Having been in operation in Kuala Lumpur since 1991, Noel Florist, with a fully tested franchise system has been expanding to meet the ever-increasing demand of the Malaysian gift-giving society.

Noel Florist, being the creative gift company, researches constantly into improving the creativity of our gift packages as well as the quality of the content to further meet the needs of today sophisticated public.

After years of gifting experiences and hard work and 110% commitment from everyone at NGM, we are proud to boast that Noel is established and has been leading the floral & gifting industry for more than 17 years now. A 100% subsidiary of Singapore, NGM currently enjoys a base of more than 20,000 quality customers. We strategize to reach out to targeted contacts and business partners via our annual and seasonal catalogue. Our proven methodology gathers that our customers will not have the time to walk the streets to buy their gifts, hence by sending them an annual catalogue it will be as convenient as having a store close within customers reach.

Apart from our catalogue we have also an online store (www.Noel Florist) which to date has proven to be a strong business tool. With the introduction of the World Wide Web, we recognise the potentials of this effective and valuable communication technology. Besides being a source for gift ideas to tech savvy Malaysians, our website is also a link for many Malaysians travelling and residing overseas to send gifts back home especially during the festive seasons and birthday celebrations.

Our Commitment

For all Noel Gift & Hamper Products, quality and value are always given top priority. Be it in the form of hampers, flowers or gifts, overall packaging down to ribbons, wrappers and personalized greeting cards. Our gift priority is to bring about cheer to every recipient.

We have pledged to:

  • Bring to customers our pride and passion in creating unique, stylish and creative gifts;
  • Bring to customers our pride and passion in creating unique, stylish and creative gifts;
  • Offer specially crafted gifts that will bring cheer and smile that will touch the lives of both our customers and their loved ones;
  • Offer exclusive promotions for all our customers in making every shopping experience fun and exciting.
  • Offer a 5-time refund for every legitimate expired product found in any of their hampers
What is Noel's Food Hamper 5X Freshness Guarantee?
Freshness of our hamper products are important to us. Therefore, should your recipient find any expired or spoilt item on our hamper we will refund 5 times of the expired item or up to 50% of the hamper's selling price. This guarantee is valid for hampers opened no later than 2 weeks after the festive holiday or after the intended delivery date, whichever is sooner. To lodge a complaint for items spoilt or expired , be sure to keep the item with its original packaging . Call our customer service so we can arrange to have the spoilt item recollected and the reimbursement will be forwarded as soon as possible .

What sort of gifts can you find on Noel Florist?

The Creative gift company specialises in evergreen pyramid hampers, traditional food baskets, gifts and flowers for all sorts of occasion. We also welcome inquiries from corporate clients with custom gift requirements. You may choose to email us or call for our Business Development Department at 03 7958 5123 for further information.

Freshness Guarantee Policy?

All flowers, fruits, chocolates and cakes are monitored for quality by our Quality Control officers and leave our premise in fresh and perfect condition. Because these products are sensitive to changes in temperature and moisture we advise that you keep the products in a cool place. Flowers require constant watering to avoid dehydration. If, inspite of the care we have taken, you are not entirely satisfied with the quality of your Noel gift, please contact our Customer Service Representative at 603 7958 5123 and we will rearrange the same item to your recipient at no charge provided the negligence is by Noel. Please retain your Noel gift in its original packaging pending a reply. No refunds will be entertained under any circumstances.

How do I use Noel Florist?

  1. Fill in your particulars on our fax order form
  2. Fill in your particulars on our order form and email it to us. We accept payment by cash, Visa or Mastercard from all major banks.

How do I pay? ?cash or credit card?

We promote flexibility when using Noel Florist; we accept both cash and credit card.

  1. When paying by cash; Just click on the "Pay by cash" button when choosing your payment method. You will be contacted by our customer service personnel via telephone to verify your order and arrange for collection of payment. Please note that this option is only available for customers residing in the Klang Valley.
  2. When paying by credit card; just fill in your credit card particulars online at the respective segments and your orders will be processed. However, kindly take note that the maximum purchase using credit card is RM600 per card.

I don't trust online credit card transactions?

Alternatively, if you have little confidence in online credit card transactions, you can choose "Pay by cash" as payment method and when we call to verify your order, you may quote your credit card particulars to our customer service. Please note that we do not encourage our customers to email us their credit card particulars due to security reasons. Such information should only be revealed when prompted while filling up our order form or via fax when agreed upon with a Noel Customer Service representative

Is NOEL FLORIST online payment system secure?

Noel Florist is a certified website by DIGICERT and all our online payment transactions are powered by our Strategic Business Partner; CITIBANK.

All information provided by you during the shopping process is encrypted for your protection and such information will be treated as confidential, and will not be disclosed or sold to any other parties. When using Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer, you will notice a Solid Key or a Closed Lock verifying that you are in an encrypted area.

Where can I send my gifts to?

Depending on the nature of your desired gift, delivery locations vary.
  1. Flowers, cakes, balloons and fruits can only be delivered within Klang Valley to ensure freshness. ;
  2. Gifts and hampers can be delivered throughout Malaysia. Only a minimal fee for delivery will be charged. All delivery outside of Selangor will be arranged by our appointed courier service provider. Please allow 3 working day for delivery of gifts via courier. No deliveries can be made to addresses in East Malaysia and Singapore .

Which parts of Klang Valley constitutes Noel's "Free Delivery Zone"?

Our free delivery zone includes the following postal code; 40000 - 40999 Shah Alam; 41000 - 41999 Klang; 46000 - 46999 Petaling Jaya; 47300 - 47499 Petaling Jaya (Kg. Tunku, Damansara Utama, Damansara Jaya); 47500 - 47699 Subang Jaya; 50000 - 60000 Kuala Lumpur; 68100 Batu Caves; 47000 Sg Buloh, Paya Jaras, 58200 Puchong, 47100 Desa Puchong(selected places only)

How much more do I have to pay, if its for delivery outside of the "Free delivery Zone"?

How do I know and how will payment be arranged?Delivery charges outside of Free delivery zone varies according to distance;

  1. For deliveries via courier service, a standard charge of RM30.00 per item;
  2. For deliveries within Selangor, a minimum charge of RM15.00 per item to selected destinations. This option is subject to distance.
  3. You will be prompted on the amount to pay for delivery while filling in your order form. Given a situation, if an amount is not available, unconfirmed, inadequate due to weight difference or if there is to be any changes to delivery charge, our customer service officer will notify you before your order is processed.

How long does it take for my order to be processed?

To protect our customers from potential fraud, our customer service personnel are trained to verify and confirm your orders via telephone or email before it is finally processed. This practice is regardless of our customer's payment method. Our standard processing time is as follow;

  1. On the same day if your order is received during office hours(9am till 6pm);
  2. The next following workday if your order is received after our working hours, weekends and public holidays.

If we are unable to process your order or if you wish to cancel , your credit card will not be charged although payment is authorized by the Payment Portal

Can my gifts be delivered immediately on the same day after making my order?

All though extensive care is taken in processing all online orders, there are still some possibilities beyond our control whereby an order could be overlooked. Therefore, we always suggest our urgent customers to make their orders by phone to avoid any form of inconvenience. Call our hotline at 603 7958 5123 and quote your order to our customer service and we will have it arranged for immediate delivery.

How long does it take before my gift is delivered?

Gift delivery time is standard at 5 working hours after confirmation of order. Unless due to unforeseen circumstances or during festive seasons such as Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Deepavali, Hari Raya, Christmas and public holidays, we will advise on the latest delivery time available.

What happens when the recipient is not home to greet Noel's delivery man?

During such an event, our delivery man will take on any of these few actions;

  1. He will leave a note informing on his unsuccessful visit. This note will have a phone number whereby the recipient can call to rearrange another time of delivery.
  2. He will leave the gift with either a reliable work-mate or neighbour whom is able to receive on behalf. He will also leave a note to inform your recipient on who have accepted the gift on their behalf.
  3. Only when instructed; we will first call the recipient to arrange for a convenient delivery time.

What are Noel's delivery schedules?

  1. Mondays to Fridays - 9am till 8pm
  2. Saturday and Sundays - 9am till 3pm
  3. Deliveries via courier service requires 3 working days
  4. During festive seasons whereby delivery commitments are at its peak, you will be advised on the next best delivery time. Under certain uncontrollable circumstances which may affect the success of the delivery, Noel will have no other option but to rearrange for another time of delivery with either the recipient or the sender.
  5. As our drivers deliver to more than one recipient at every outing , we are unable to attend to specific time deliveries .

Is what I see, what I get?

Yes, in many cases. Still we always advise our customers that products featured on our site are merely representation and are subject to availability and change. During times when uncontrollable factors were to affect fulfillment, Noel reserves the right to substitute your order with another item/product which is of equal or higher value.

Uncontrollable factors meaning natural and seasonal conditions or it could be due to depletion of stocks. For example, supply for certain kinds and colour of flowers are not always available as it depends highly on season and the condition during harvest.

Are the prices I see fixed throughout the year?

Yes, except during Valentine's day, Mother's day and certain holidays whereby prices of flowers are subject to market price fluctuation. During such times, Noel Florist will advise on the new revised price structures.

Can I order in advance?

Yes. But we only accept orders one month ahead of actual delivery date and this only apply to non seasonal gifts. Valentine's and Mother's day gifts are not applicable as prices during these holidays are influenced by market price fluctuation.