Puchong Middle Room Koi Prima

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Puchong Middle Room Koi Prima


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Master Bedroom
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MIDDLE ROOM FOR RENT (RM550.00 for single occupancy, RM600 for couples) - First come first serve

- Family house (Master bedroom occupied)
- Open to ALL races (Malaysian citizenship only)
- Fully furnished

Facilities at home:
1) Sofa
2) Television with Astro
3) Washing machine
4) Microwave Oven
5) Refrigerator
6) Dining table
7) Balcony of pool side view
8) Cooking hob
9) Water Heater
1) cabinet with drawers (wooden)
2) 2 door cupboard (wooden)
3) queen size bed frame with mattress (IKEA)
4) air conditioner
5) curtains

Condo facilities:
1) swimming pool
2) bbq
3) sauna & steam
4) playground
5) Reading room

- tenant may use the facilities at home provided it’s handled with care and cleaned after use

- treat it like your own home

- someone trustworthy and friendly with good hygiene

- cooking is allowed

- well mannered


- no parking provided (park outside)
- no WiFi
- non attached bathroom
Call J - 0102640709
Resh- 0166660413