RM550 Single Room Casa Damansara 1 PJ

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RM550 Single Room Casa Damansara 1 PJ



Room Details

Agent or Owner
Room Rate
  • Internet/Wifi
  • Lift
  • Air Cond
  • Cooking Allowed
  • Washing Machine
  • Gated Community
Property Type
Terrace House
Room Type
Single Room
Rental Duration

Can move in IMMEDIATELY! Contact Mr Chew 016-6317959

Rental does not include utility and does not include parking.

Monthly utility rate:
Electricity - Depends on usage (Normally RM 28 / month / person)
Wifi - TIME 100 Mbps (RM 33 / month/ person)(Super fast download 2GB movie 15 mins settled)
Water dispenser - RM10/person/month (Very high quality clean water no need boil can drink straight, it comes with Hot and Cold water)

5 month contract must at least stay until 31/3/2020.

Upfront 2 months deposit + first month rental.. No need utility deposit.

The unit has Refrigerator and Washing Machine ya. Fully Furnished.