Savana Residency Tasek Klebang Ipoh House For Sale 房屋出售

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Savana Residency Tasek Klebang Ipoh House For Sale 房屋出售



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Savana Recidency @
Tasek , Ipoh Perak
RM558k 558千 ( Price can be negotiated 价钱可以商量 )
Call Mr.Yeong 0165354652

? Savana Residency is located in the vicinity of Ipoh, Perak. It comes with a 24-hour multi-tiered security with CCTV surveillance, security access card and security guard patrolling.
Savana Residency位于霹雳州怡保附近。它配备24小时安全保护,配有闭路电视监控,安全门禁卡和保安巡逻。

? Savana Residency is close to Klebang and Kampung Tawas, giving access to a wide variety of amenities, ranging from petrol stations, restaurants.
Savana Residency 靠近 Klebang(佳邦园)和 Kampung Tawas(斗华新村),提供各种设施,包括加油站,餐厅

? Nearby:
Perak IT Mall | AEON Mall Klebang | McDonald's | North-South Expressway (NSE) | Gunung Lang Recreation Park | Perak Tong | Econsave | KFC | Pizza Hut | Domino's Pizza
霹雳IT商城 | AEON Mall Klebang(佳邦永旺购物广场)| McDonald's (麦当劳快餐店)| 南北高速公路Highway(NSE)| Gunung Lang休闲公园 |Perak Tong(霹雳洞) Econsave(宜康省) | KFC(肯德基) | Pizza Hut(必胜客)| Domino's Pizza

? Included full kitchen cabinet with hood and cooker, solar heater, Jacuzzi for master bathroom, shoe cabinet and etc..

Anyone interested, please call / sms / whatsapp: Mr Yeong 0165354652
有兴趣的人请致电 / 短信 / whatsapp: Mr Yeong 0165354652

If in doubt, please call or Whatsapp: 0165354652
如有疑问,请致电 / Whatsapp 到 : 0165354652