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Are you looking for some type of financial aid in the form of a loan? Are you in debts and has been finding ways to get out of it but with no success? Do you need any type of personal or financial loan because you have been blacklisted? All types of loan services available If you have ticked all the above questions, then find out what is available so that you can manage your finances better. Check your credit standings in CTOS or CCRIS and compare what you need to get on with you financial status. Whether it is a business loan, an SME loan or a personal loan, there will be one which can help you to get through these hard times. Calculate your commitments and get through Before deciding what to do, you should follow the steps below: • Consolidate all your commitments and derive a grand total • Sum up all your income channels • Find out how much you can afford to pay per month After that, determine which loan service is best for you and if nothing helps, then you might want to consider approaching AKPK for help. This will not affect you in any way whether your name is clean or blacklisted in CTOS or CCRIS. Note: We only allow local Malaysia financial institutions or banks to list their credit or loan service here. Note: Please stay away from oversea loans as most of them are scammers.
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