Want to clear up the old clothes? We accept all below:

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Want to clear up the old clothes? We accept all below:


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1. All types of fabric based: all kinds of clothes, clothes, clothes, pants, sheets, blankets, Comforter, Pillowcase, shoes, bags, curtains and so on. 2. Leather items; belt, shoes, handbag, school bags and so on. 3. We accept that is still good and not good 4. Please be informed that furniture / Glass / electrical items are not accepted .. The details of the used clothing collection are as follows, Location: Surau Putra Al-Amin, phase 4 C, Precinct 8, Putrajaya Time: Saturday & Sunday (10.00 am-5.00 pm) Collection Date: November 30, 1, 7 AND 8 December 2019 Please insert items into a closed box (better seal) or in a plastic-tied plastic. Share again to other friends about this date and location, hope to reduce the removal of the items that can be used again. (call ruziah 01123018162) . This project is with Mr Zaki Suratman (011-35284915) Manager of llcm - life line clothing Malaysia. The results of this used clothing collection will be distributed directly to the National Cancer Council (meaning) . * Order: don't throw away the clothes even if it's torn because all clothes can be be. At least we reduce waste of garbage and can benefit others. Please share. Thank you.